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Al-Bayyinah (Arabic: البينة‎, "The Clear Proof, Evidence") is the 98th Chapter (surah) of the Qur'an with 8 verses (ayat). The Surah is so designated after the word al-bayyinah occurring at the end of the first verse.

This is the 98th Surat, by no coincidence composed of 98 words, with both structural and thematic symmetries more characteristic of the Meccan period. The central chiasm is precisely positioned in the 5th verse "religion [of Abraham], upholding prayers and giving alms, that is true religion" this in turn is flanked by concentric looping themes in an A B C | C' B' A' pattern where A' responds to A, B' responds to B and C' responds to C. As an example of this structure, verse 2 stating "A Messenger from Allah reciting purified scriptures" is answered by verse 7 "Indeed, they who have believed and done righteous deeds — those are the best of all creatures."

The sura opens by addressing the polytheists of Arabia, as well as those amongst the People of the Book who had fallen into disbelief. Allowing that they may be restored only by a "clear sign" from God who speaks holy and untainted words — the Prophet Muhammad bringing the Qur'an, which lays down proper laws and morality. The fifth ayah is pivotal and explains that all God asks of mankind is "To praise God by offering Him devotion being true, to pray the Salat, and to give charity. And that is the Religion of Truth."

Those who cling to these simple practices of faith in Allah, prayer and charity will be offered the Gardens of Paradise, "underneath which rivers flow", as their prize; for God is pleased with them for being the best of possible creations. Those who turn away, however, shall meet the fires of Hell.

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